About us

We are a Dutch manufacturer of clothing and textiles, based in Armenia and Turkey, with our head-office based in Almelo, The Netherlands.

From Armenia and Turkey we manufacture clothing and Textiles for companies worldwide, that wish to have goods produced under their own label, and look for a better and cheaper textiles supplier.

We are specialized in producing Ladies-, Gents-, Children- and Baby-clothing, such as T-shirts, Sweaters, Underwear, Bathrobes , Shirts, Romper suits, etc…, all produced in different departments.

Having manufactured for over 40 years from our factories in Armenia and Turkey, where overheads are very low, we can offer very attractive and competitive prices and offer our customers an extensive service.

We would be more than happy to manufacture Clothing and textiles for you, please feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to tell you more about our textile manufacturing and services.

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