We manufacture clothing and other textiles. After an assessment of your inquiry we offer you an overview of the total landed costs . Generally, the production process involves the following stages:

1. Inquiry

The production process starts with your inquiry, which includes your ideas and product specifications for a garment. For a calculation of the expenses, the following information is important: desired quantity per design and colour, choice of material and possibly a photo, drawing or a sample.

2. Sample

ARA bv needs a photo , drawing or a sample to make a sample according to these examples . Subsequently, we make a clothing sample and send you a photo of the sample. After you have agreed on the photograph of the sample, ARA bv delivers a sample at your address in the Netherlands. For the production of the samples we charge a fixed fee for every order. Samples are made with matching fabrics that are in stock. After your inquiry it takes an average of two weeks for a sample to be delivered to your desired destination.

3. Production

When you have agreed on the sample, the production agreement will be signed and then ARA bv will start the production phase. After an initial payment still to be agreed upon, the production is started up. If you desire so, we make a new sample after purchasing the fabrics and materials. There is no delay: your order is taken into production immediately. The average production time depends on the quantity.

4. Quality control

ARA bv controls the quality of your garments and other textile articles on the location of the production facility. In case you receive an article with a manufacturing fault in spite of this, you can send a reference article to our headquarters in the Netherlands. After inspection ARA bv will refund the article.

5. Packaging and freight forwarding

ARA bv takes care of the transport packaging of your garments. We are also in charge of the forwarding from Armenia to your desired destination. Depending on the weight and your wishes we will send your articles by truck, air or seaborne cargo. The delivery time depends on the weight, quantity and the desired destination.